Sisters in Survival

sisters in survival

When I read about Somerset Studios call for submissions in the theme Sisterhood I did not have any trouble coming up with my submission idea. Yes, I do have a sister, but it is a different sisterhood that I wanted to express my emotions about.

 Sisters in Survival…

Over the past 3 years I have met many new sisters… some diagnosed with the same or similar cancer as mine… some diagnosed with different cancers…some as cheerleaders to help us through this disease… some in the medical field that deal with cancer everyday…my sisters on this very site as well as our visitors…some that have passed from this disease…

I know that many feel the pink ribbon has been overused and exploited, but it has become a symbol for breast cancer so I chose to use that as my “tie” or continuity throughout the piece. I love hearts and color… and felt both fit the piece as we are all different: sizes, shapes, colors, cancers… but love is woven throughout our lives, it helps us heal, and it helps us survive.

I was so happy to receive an email that my piece was selected to be published in the July/August 2009 issue. I was so excited to see it in print when my issue arrived in the mailbox. Page 113….

Sometimes I feel that I do not have much to contribute to this site anymore… but I guess in some ways that is my contribution.

Here is my personal update…

I have reached my 3 year anniversary, my scans came back clean, and the oncologist is moving me to 6 month visits. (A little scary). I just celebrated my 26th wedding anniversary and my 48th birthday. Cancer does have a way of changing how we look at birthdays. I no longer feel old, but happy to have reached another year. Another celebration.

I think about and pray for all my “sisters” on this site. We most likely would have never been brought together if it was not for cancer, I am thankful to have a glimpse into each one of your lives.


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  1. It’s beautiful! As are your words and thoughts!

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