A Year Ago Today


A Year ago today I had my last chemo treatment. I sat in the chemo chair for the last time, allowing poison to pulse through my veins. I was sick for the last time. No more achy bones and gagging for me! My hair started to grow back with in a week and a half. I started the last part of my cancer journey, and for me the hardest. The hardest part for me was after my treatment was over and I was just set adrift on my own. Having a hard time with my life after the fallout was swept away. It is amazing to me that I am here today. I feel very blessed that I got my second chance. When I was diagnosed like many others I was unsure of my future. I am very thankful for the days I have had since then and will be thankful for all the days I have here after.

For all you woman out there make sure you do your monthly breast self exam. I just may save your life! It saved mine.

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  2. Self exams saved me too!!! You look great enjoy your summer and enjoy taking those wonderful photos!!!

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