Dance for Breast Cancer

I didn’t happen to see this last night on So You Think You Can Dance but thought it was interesting.  At first I thought…..”oh no, two youngsters trying to re-enact being diagnosed with breast cancer as a dance.”   Like they even BEGIN to know what that’s like!  But you know, it was tender and sweet, and angry and bitter all at the same time and I was drawn their portrayal.  She may not know what it’s liked to be diagnosed but she sure put her whole self in to it.  What is even more touching is the responses from the judges.

Watch it and tell me whatcha think, especially if you’ve been through this dance.

Melissa and Ade dance for Breast Cancer on So You Think You Can Dance.


One Response to Dance for Breast Cancer

  1. elesha says:

    I came here though toddler planet and I saw this post and watched the dance and cried my eyes out. What an amazing peice. I hope it did justice to just a moment of what anyone who has gone though cancer may experience.

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