The thoughts that didn’t make it to facebook…..

Here are all the thoughts I have today that I could post on facebook but haven’t (aren’t you glad):

1.  What sort of magnetism does Dora have over a 2 year old?  My son would watch Dora movies and read Dora books 24/7 if I would let him.

2.  Fried Zucchini, zucchini muffins, vegi-enchiladas with guess what…..zucchini, copy-cat olive garden minestrone soup….with zucchini.  What’s next….chocolate cake with zucchini?  Would something else PLEASE ripen in my garden!

3.  Charis is gone to camp this week and I have forgotten how AMAZINGLY quiet it is with only two children.  Only half the fighting.  It’s been a nice break (even though I miss her!).

4.  What is it about feeling a little under the weather that makes me “smell” chemo.  Is that weird or what?  I have smelled chemo several times today.  Like the Kashi bars I opened for my kids this morning…..I got a huge whiff of chemo…..because that’s all they ate for breakfast when I was sick after chemo I guess.  And then when we walked to the park.  I swear the park smelled like chemo.  I suppose this is like the first trimester of pregnancy.  There are things we will never eat again thanks to pregnancy nausea.  I don’t like the “smell” of chemo.  Brings back too many bad memories.


3 Responses to The thoughts that didn’t make it to facebook…..

  1. For me It’s Purell hand sanitizer and saline that brings back the smell and sometimes almost the taste of chemo with all it’s accompanying nauseousness..maybe we are not supposed to forget.

  2. k8 says:

    I do have a chocolate zucchini cake recipe if you need it! It’s a wonderfully moist cake and you can put a lot of zucchini in it…..and you really can’t even see it…..After my neighbor’s zucchini harvest comes in, I usually make at least 2….freezes well, too.


  3. clergygirl says:

    Post it! I’ll try it! I did make a chocolate cake with zucchini and tons of chocolate chips. It was really good. But I’ll try another one since I’m getting zucchini on a daily basis….lol! I’ve heard I can shred it and freeze it too, so maybe I will make chocolate cake this winter:)

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