New IBC Clinic Opening Soon

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I received this email from Patti Bradfield, co-founder of, regarding a new IBC clinic opening soon.

Email below:

Hello All,

I would like to bring some very exciting news to our IBC community.  It is my pleasure to announce there will be a new IBC Clinic at Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philidelphia in approximately six months (if not sooner).

With this new clinic opening, it is also my honor to tell you that Dr. Massimo Cristofanilli will be heading up this new facility.

Yes, Dr. C is moving to the East Coast, but the Morgan Welch IBC clinic in Houston will be working closely and with the same protocols as those which have become standardized by Dr. C and his team over the last three years.

Also, In addition to his position in the department of medical oncology, Dr. Cristofanilli will be the co-director  of the Women’s Cancer Program,  He will also serve as associate director of clinical research for Fox Chase’s Cancer Center Support Grant from the National Cancer Institute.

From the Fox Chase website :

Fox Chase Cancer Center Appoints Massimo Cristofanilli, MD, FACP, Chairman of the Department of Medical Oncology (11-02-2009)
PHILADELPHIA (November 2, 2009) – Noted breast cancer clinician and researcher Massimo Cristofanilli, MD, FACP, has been appointed chairman of the department of medical oncology at Fox Chase Cancer Center and will hold the G. Morris Dorrance Jr. Endowed Chair in medical oncology. He will arrive at Fox Chase in January 2010.

Dr. Cristofanilli is very excited about this amazing opportunity and additional facility for women across the United States.

Please read the website from Fox Chase which will give you more details about this event and also more about our friend and Doctor, Massimo Cristofanilli.


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  1. whymommy says:

    HOORAY! Welcome, Dr. C!

    This is SUCH good news for those of us on the East Coast with IBC … and throughout the country, as it spreads the knowledge even further!


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