More Good News

My good friend, Kris, is a brilliant scientist with GlaxoSmithKline who works on cancer medicines.  She’s currently in Boston at a cancer symposium.  This is the text conversation we had today:

Kris:  were u ER+ and HER-?

Me:  Yes.

Kris:  there was a study showing if women had side effects with joint pain or hot flashes they had less chance of cancer reacurrance than women who did not have symptoms.

Me:  Suhweet!  I should be good then!!

Kris:  i know!!

So for all of you ER+/HER- ladies who suffer from hot flashes and joint pain, take heart!  It might just be worth it!  Stay tuned.  I’ll be sure to tell you more when she gets back and can fill me in!


I found this article regarding this new study.


5 Responses to More Good News

  1. whymommy says:

    I’ll take it!

    And I’m *so* curious now what the correlation could possibly be.

  2. I should be good then too!!!Who would have thought that we would be thankful for the hot flashes and joint pain!!!

  3. imstell says:

    I wonder if it pertains to those of us Triple Negatives too???? I’m off to consult Dr. Google!!!! Thanks for the good word! 🙂

  4. Jennifer says:

    You know, Stella, I just realized that we might have been having two completely different conversations. Her second text was a good hour after she asked if I was ER+/HER-. So it might be any BC patient with those side effects.

    I can’t wait for her to get back home so I can actually talk with her and get the whole scoop!

  5. imstell says:

    Dr. Google has again provided the information sought. Here is a story from ABC News last October.

    The study was about the side effects experience while taking Tamoxifen during chemo. If ya’ll were anything like me you were a limping ball of sweat from the hot flashes and joint pain! Glad to know all that suffering was a good sign!!!

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