Kinesio Taping

Last week I posted about my mother’s truncal lymphedema and the ignorant plastic surgeon who told her it was just excess fat. Since then I’ve come to her house for Thanksgiving and seen for myself the issues she’s having and her new therapy: Kinesio Taping.

Last Wednesday her Lymphedema Physical Therapist applied two strips of Kinesio Tex Tape to her trunk. One was placed upward on her rib cage under her arm, the other in an upward diagonal from her spine across her shoulder blade. The tape is black and roughly two inches thick. It is cut into strips like fingers in various lengths depending on the area.

She lost one pound of fluid weight overnight.  As of last night when the tape came off she had lost a total of 4 pounds.  This morning she is puffy with lymph fluid again and up a pound.  I’d say the Kinesio Tape is working for her!

It is applied on the skin in such a way as to simulate massage with regular movements which improves muscle reaction, increases blood and lymph flow and reduces the pain associated with swelling.  Huzzah!  Unfortunately, it needs to be applied by a professional who knows what they’re doing.  My mom, however, will be asking to have my sister instructed on proper placement…



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  1. Alli says:

    Sounds very interesting! I will have to see if there is anyone in my area offering this kind of therapy.
    Sometimes my arm hurts so much from fluid retention after my surgery.

    I actually developed lymphodema before I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. My arm was quite swollen for several months, my doctor attributed it to a possible pulled muscle and the large lump on my side as fatty tissue. I went undiagnosed for nearly a year. When I was it was Stage3 Grade3 with Lymph involvement

    Again thanks for the information…Allixxx

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