Walk the walk (by Stella)

I’m going to walk.  I’ve been doing it most of my life so how hard can it really be?  I walk on my breaks at work (when I remember to take them).  I walk with the kids if they beg me long enough.  I walk across parking lots on my way to one store or another.  Easy peasy.

On July 10th and 11th I’ll be walking with a purpose.  I’ll be in San Francisco walking the walk… the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer!  It’s a mere 39 miles across the City By The Bay.  Thirty.  Nine. You heard me!  Ack!!!!!

I am excited to get started!  I’m going to train!  I’m going to work hard.  I’m going to raise tons of money for a great cause!!!  I’m going to do my part to ensure that no one else has to lose their parts ever again!!!!

I hope I can make it.  I hope I can raise enough money.  $1800 is a lot of money!  I’m thinking of forming a team.  Maybe Team Mothers with Cancer or Team Class of 84!  Maybe something else entirely.

Will you walk with me?  Will you help fight the good fight?  Will you walk for Andrea Collins-Smith, Cancer Visa, and One Mother With Cancer who lost their battles against the beast?  Will you donate for the many, many moms here at Mothers With Cancer that have been victimized by breast cancer?

Will you walk for me?


6 Responses to Walk the walk (by Stella)

  1. Laurie says:

    You go Stella! I did the Canadian equivalent in 2004 (before I had any idea what my future held). It was FUN. Really fun. But those of us who trained fared far better than those who did not. Also, get some Body Glide. Your feet (and other chafe-prone locations) will thank you).

  2. Andrea Ross says:

    I’d love to do that, as walking is what I do most during my treatment. Thanks for the inspiration. I’m off now to search for a Canadian version…

  3. Stella says:

    Body Glide… Thanks for the tip, Laurie!

  4. Go Stella!! Let us know when you set up your link to donate…I’d be happy to give to your walk!

  5. Hedgie says:


    I’m thinking of doing the Walk, too. In San Francisco, of course! How I can raise that kind of loot is beyond me, though, and is the one thing holding me back. How are you going to do it? And shall we join teams if I sign on? (hope so!)

    Princess Hedgehog Chronicles

  6. imstell says:

    Hedgie – Welcome to the team!!!!! 😉 Are you on Facebook?

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