World Cancer Day 2010

I can’t believe it.  How weird is it that my diagnosis cancerversary is the same day as the World Cancer Day.  And I didn’t even know it?  Not that I was thinking about this two years ago when I got the phone call?  But how did I miss this last year?

So I think it’s so nice because I get to tell you WHY there is a World Cancer Day and I will do this every year on the day of my diagnosis.  So you wanna know why?  To help reduce these cancer causing risks:

  • Stop tobacco use and avoid exposure to second-hand smoke

  • Limit alcohol consumption
  • Avoid excessive sun exposure
  • Maintain a healthy weight, through eating healthily and exercising regularly

  • Protect against cancer-causing infections


2 Responses to World Cancer Day 2010

  1. Montye says:

    Happy to finally find a blog for mom’s with cancer. This whole cancer journey is new to me, just found out in September. Thanks for the information on this blog.

  2. Montye says:

    “Each morning, as I take my early morning walk, I step into the sun. I am sure that I hear you saying, “But sometimes the sky is filled with heavy clouds.” To me, the sunshine is in my mind and heart. I am a winner over cancer. The experience has taught me that each day is a special gift to be filled with joy and appreciation and love. To be healthy, I have learned to turn away from the shadow and face the sun. Perhaps you, too, have been faced with a challenge that has changed your life….

    There is so much more to discover now as we walk side by side. We value the uniqueness of each other. Each of us is one of a kind – like snowflakes. As we have the opportunity to share our thoughts, we develop a kinship of closeness. We have the chance to reach out and touch.

    As we come back, we return with gratitude for the privilege it is to be alive in this beautiful world. Thank you for being with me on this brief walk. We return now to the companionship of our own thoughts as we proceed to continue the day in the larger community of our families and workday world. Our challenge each day is to share the healing touch of all this glory of living. It all becomes possible when we open our hearts to let the sun shine in!” – Ardath Rodale

    Wanted to share this will all of you… May you always turn and face the sun!

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