House Call

A girlfriend of mine from High School sent me a blog link tonight.   The link was to the blog of a fellow mother struggling with breast cancer and it’s aftermath.  Heidi at Outre Beauty Bistro has just undergone a double mastectomy. She writes poignantly about the visual shock of her post-surgical figure and the lack of meaningful communications about what to expect after her surgery.

There’s nothing worse than feeling alone in the abyss.  Won’t you please take a moment to let Heidi know she is not alone… perhaps pass on a word of wisdom or two?


6 Responses to House Call

  1. whymommy says:

    Stunning writing — should we invite her to join our crowd?

  2. Lyn says:

    I left a comment, I can completely relate as most of us can I’m sure.

  3. lorri s. says:

    left a message too!

  4. imstell says:

    Maybe we should invite her.

  5. Hi Girls and fellow fighters!

    My friend Kamma B from highschool told me about this group and told me to read the comments…so I did! First off, thank you for the compliments on my writing! Writing is one of my coping mechanism’s. I love to write and it’s sad, that it took cancer to get me writing. The last time I wrote was in high school and college.

    Yes, Cancer and it’s up’s and downs is soooo hard. Being a mommy while fighting the fight is probably the hardest part. Your kids still ask when dinner is, ask when we’re going grocery shopping, etc. They forget, that mom is a little bit out of commission at the moment. But, I think the time between diagnosis and treatment was even harder. I looked normal to people, I still had my makeup on, hair fixed, but inside I was shrinking, dying, hurting, and feeling that my mental capacity was about 1/16th what it should be. My husband would say, you look beautiful hun…when’s dinner? I’d be like….oh crap dinner…I forgot about dinner. He did a lot of cooking over that month.

    Now, that I still have my drains in and my wardrobe consists of 3 rotating nightgowns, no make up and at best a pony tail to keep my hair out of my face…it’s easier, cuz I have help. People from my church are preparing dinner, during the week they are coming and helping me clean and whatever else I need.

    Well enough of my ramblings….I would love to join your group!!!! I could so use a support system of other women who Truly and I mean Truly know where I am at mentally and physically. Just email me and tell me what to do! XOXO Heidi

  6. whymommy says:

    Heidi, we’d love to have you! I’ll send you a couple emails and get you all set up.

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