Best Kept Secrets in Head Coverings

By Lorri Steer at Terrible and Beautiful

me today two years post chemo with real hair

“Bald may be Beautiful” but it’s not always practical! When I was “Nudie Head Mommy” as my pre schooler called me, I had a lovely assortment of things to put on my cold little head! We had moved from California to Colorado just months before. I had thought living through a snowy winter would be my biggest test – little did I know living through cancer treatment would be!

I shaved my head in November. I wasn’t particularly ashamed of my Nudie Head but I was cold! One doesn’t realize how much our hair helps to keep us warm! I had a variety of things to put on my head: wigs, caps, scarves, and so on. I had a terry cloth turban (purchased through the American Cancer Society catalogue) that I wore to sleep at night (yes, very sexy, I know!) During the day, I preferred caps (a soft acrylic one from Walmart in a neutral color became my favorite.)

I imagine we have a few readers who are in the market for head coverings and there’s nothing like having at least one thing to put on that feels comfortable, secure and makes you feel beautiful. Here’s a few of my personal favorites:

4women These head coverings have sewn-in elastic plus coordinating scrunchies so not only do they stay on really well, there are also a bunch of ways to wear them. I have a cotton one but they also come in silk and many beautiful patterns, They’re not cheap, but I highly recommend them.

Buffwear I have another favorite brand of head covering that is also soft, practical and versatile. It’s the Buff sports wrap and has been one of my all time favorites during treatment. These are sportswear that work wonderfully for baldness.  They come in a wide range of colors and styles.  I purchased an unlined one for indoors and a polartech lined one for outdoors.  Long after I donated all my other head coverings, I still have these two.   The great thing about the Buff product is after cancer treatment, you can use it for outdoor sports, as a wide headband or even as a tube top (my Yoga-teaching skinny twin told me that one!)

Paula Young I had a variety of wigs but ended up using them only for special occasions. Wigs aren’t especially comfortable and for the price of a high quality one, you can purchase more flattering alternatives like the ones highlighted above. My favorite place to find well-priced, “good enough for temporary” quality wigs is Paula Young.  They have great prices and sales and some great colors too.  It’s also a fun source to look for new hairstyles as you regrow your hair – the Mrs. Roper 1970’s curly styles withstanding of course!

The American Cancer Society has a program where you can go to their local office and choose a free wig, scarf and hat from their wig bank.  I loved doing that but if you don’t have a thrift store gene, you might be turned off a bit.  I did find a brand new unused wig though in a fabulous red that I wore for my 40th birthday party.  The great part was you could go back and exchange the wigs, hats or scarves for a new one whenever you wanted to so your husband could have a blond one week and a dark, exotic lady the next!  It’s also a great place to re-home your collection when you are finished.  I don’t know about you, but for me, it felt  better thinking of my items blessing someone else in need than gathering dust in my closet and sending out bad “The Beast will come back” vibes.  This time of year there are lots of clearances on winter caps – keep your eyes open and you may be about to gather some great finds for yourself, friends in treatment or the ACS collection.

For most of us, bald is temporary and our hair will return.  I’m 2 years out from chemo and my hair is better than new – really! But on this snowy Colorado afternoon, I remember my hairless days and shiver a bit.  Covering our baldness isn’t always a matter of vanity – or lack of Cancer Pride –  sometimes it’s a matter of necessity! Anyone else have a favorite link for the Nudie Head Mommies?


4 Responses to Best Kept Secrets in Head Coverings

  1. imstell says:

    I had a favorite hat too! Mine was a black crushed velvet brimmed thing. Unfortunately, it was satin lined and often blew off my head in a good breeze!

  2. I purchased a very expensive wig and only wore it twice. Your advice about a lesser price one is right on. For all the hats and scarves I bought I usually ended up wearing a regular bandana under a baseball cap.

  3. Laurie says:

    An ultra-marathon running friend of mine gave me my first buff and I liked it so much I bought a second. And like you, Lorri, I kept mine and still use it when I want my hair off my face or want something to wipe up the sweat when I’m walking/running (was that TMI?).

    None of my friends who had cancer (there were 7 of us who worked in the same building diagnosed within 5 years) ever wore their wigs, so I didn’t bother getting one.

    And you are a stunning woman. With great hair.

  4. Reza says:

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    thanks for sharing

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