Hot and Bothered?

(by Susan) Menopause is not something I’d ever given thought to. After all, I’m 36 years old! Isn’t menopause an older woman’s concern?

But it turns out that we breast cancer survivors are often lucky enough to be blessed with early menopause, brought on by the high doses of chemotherapy drugs, tamoxifen (hormone suppressant), oopherectomies (removal of the ovaries), hysterectomies (removal of the uterus and often the ovaries), or a combination of all of these. And, as it turns out, managing menopause is even more difficult when you’re the only one in your crowd dealing with hot flashes, dryness, weight gain that just won’t go away, hormone-driven mood changes (they’re real!) and the other lovely parting gifts left by the departure of your monthly period and the estrogen that went with it.

Living Beyond Breast Cancer knows that this is something that a woman needs to know about, and they are bringing it to us cancer survivors in the comfort of our own homes and workplaces. Their next educational teleconference is Wednesday, March 10, and the topic is:

Hot and Bothered: Managing Treatment-Related Menopausal Symptoms.

Right on. To join the conference call, and to find out about future education programs, register online at and follow the instructions.

Susan also writes about the joy of life after cancer at Toddler Planet.


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