It’s My Birthday…

by marybethvolpini…

June 15th… my Birthday… I am 49 today… I have been married for 27 years… I have two beautiful kids… I have “survived” for 4 years. Five years ago I probably would have felt old today….already dreading next year and turning the BIG 50. But cancer can change how you look at life. Four years ago today I really did not know if I would see this day. I had chemo the day before and I sat bald, too sick to do anything… not even able to really taste my cake.

When I was young I would get so excited about my birthday and I would have these great ideas of what I would do for my birthday.. Or what people would do for me… but when they did not happen I would be disappointed. I do not set my expectations as high as I did when I was younger… I just try to enjoy the day and do a few things that make me happy…

I am excited about today… I feel better than I have in a long time… I am happy with myself…I am happy with my life…. I dropped my son at school for Field Day (no Math homework this week… which is a gift in and of itself) ….My hubby took me out for breakfast for my favorite pastry to start the day… I have enjoyed receiving wishes from my friends and family….The sun is out…My daughter and I are going to one of my favorite towns to walk through antique shops… Tonight they are taking me out for a nice dinner…

I know anything can change at any moment…(my yearly scans are due).  But today… this Birthday… things are GREAT… Now I will count UP to my 50th and my 5 year milestone… Like my Oncologist said… “IT IS BIG”

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7 Responses to It’s My Birthday…

  1. Darryle says:

    I was exactly your age too when I was diagnosed. Cancer really does change how you feel about birthdays. That’s why the American cancer society campaign for More birthdays really resounds for me.
    So glad to read about how well you’re doing. Happy birthday.

  2. Amy@UWM says:

    I just celebrated my 40th. Up until now, I’ve not been big on birthdays, but this time I celebrated with a big party! It was time to celebrate my 17 years of cancer survival and reaching such a momentous milestone. When you’re a survivor, “Happy Birthday is a victory song.” Check out for the “More Birthdays” campaign Darryle refers to. There are lots of great ways on that site to fight cancer and celebrate your birthday.

  3. justenjoyhim says:

    Wonderful!! I just turned 49 in April, and I enjoy birthdays too. I look forward to getting older, and hope to be able to do so. 🙂

  4. Rebecca says:

    Happy Birthday! My sister has been fighting cancer for many years now. I was wondering if you are interested in interviewing an author who is a cancer survivor and writes about a cancer journey?

  5. Belated happy b’day m’am

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