In It To End It by Stella

I just passed the 300 mile mark in my training for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer!!! It’s hard to believe. When I began training at the end of January I didn’t really think I’d be logging that many miles. I also thought I’d have a hard time raising the minimum $1800 in donations.

Happily, the money has pretty much raised itself thanks to extremely supportive friends and social networking sites. Better than that, the walking has been a joy and a blessing. I’ve loved (most every) step in the 300 miles I’ve walked so far. I’ve reconnected with friends and nature. I’ve seen the seasons change in an amazingly subtle time-lapse.

Now I have only 8 short days and about 12 more miles of training walks before I join 3000 other fundraisers, survivors, supporters and friends in a walk to help end the horror of Breast Cancer.

We will walk full circle, starting in San Francisco at Fort Mason, crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, hoofing through Sausalito and back recrossing the bridge to the Presidio district then Crocker Amazon Park where Avon has set up the Wellness Village. Walkers will camp there for the night. Not my group, though. After walking 26.2 miles in a day I don’t intend to walk more than 4 feet to the bathroom. Call me selfish. Heh. The next morning we will be back on the road to Market St, the Fisherman’s Wharf area and right back to Fort Mason where it all began.

I have never in my life been into physical fitness. I was a perfectly happy Couch Potato/athletic supporter. Training for this challenge has been a big leap for me both physically and emotionally. I think have finally recovered from my Breast Cancer ordeal enough emotionally to feel the need to represent Survivors as a whole.

I will walk in 8 days. I will walk with old friends from High School. I will walk with new friends I make along the way. I will walk with those who have lost loved ones to Breast Cancer and those who, like myself, have lost living time to the disease. Most of all, I will walk with the spirit of Diana and PunkRockMommy and Bobbie who’s lives were stolen from them far, far to early.

Three hundred miles and four and a half years down in a journey to end Breast Cancer. Only 39.3 miles and 10 days to go. I am In It To End It so no one else has to go through Hell again.


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  1. Heather says:

    That is so awesome! I am doing the Komen walk in November and I am looking forward to start my training very soon. Congrats on your survivorship! Good luck with your walk. I can’t wait to read about it. I hear it is an amazing experience.

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