6 Words or Less

(By Clergygirl) Last year someone mentioned coming up with my “life testimony” in 6 words or less.  As I was driving home tonight after having an hour to myself, the DJ on the radio mentioned this 6 word testimony thing again.  My old history professor at Greenville College despised wordiness.  I probably have him to thank for cleaning up my writing in college.  Although he would probably have a heart attack if he read my blog, because I am very wordy.  I create words.  Call me George W. Bush.  But I’m probably way less (even that was too wordy) wordy than I would have been had it not been for dear old Dr. J.

So as I was driving home I was thinking about what I would say if I could give a six word testimony.

And I was thinking how hard it would be, for me, to say anything in six words or less.  It may be impossible.

My first inclination is to lean toward something like:

“dark chocolate, dark coffee, dark men.” 

(My husband gets a healthy tan BTW, just for the record)

But that would be way too shallow, and I don’t want to admit that at times I lack depth.

So my second try might look something like this:

“Cancer scary, ministry scary, life scary.”

But this seems far to negative and redundant, but man, do I feel like this sometimes.  It Seems like life is more scary redundant than not these days.  (If this makes sense to you then you have had repetitive hurts in your life and we are bonding through this blog right now.  Hugs dear one.)

And then I noticed that the skies were getting dark and it was about to rain, and this occurred to me:

“Weather volatile, shelter in the Son.”

And I liked it.  So that’s my six word testimony today.  Tomorrow might be different since I’m prone to changing my mind.

What’s your six word testimony?  I’d love to hear it?

3 Responses to 6 Words or Less

  1. Lahdeedah says:

    Love this! Like a life haiku. I’ll be thinking…

  2. Lahdeedah says:

    Here it is: “Be Happy: Service Is the Answer.” It’s a rip-off of an Albert Schweitzer quote: “The only ones among you who will be really happy are those who will have sought and found how to serve.” To me, that means serving God, serving others, being true to yourself. Now, gotta go figure out how to do that! A life’s work…



  3. Nicola Kim says:

    I liked all three 6 words! I’m testing out a few of my own now.

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