Xeloda: Day 1

(by Susan, @WhyMommy) Last night, we cleaned up the supper dishes, took the towels out of the dryer, and helped the children with their showers. Then we all put on pjs, climbed into the big bed to watch cartoons together, and I took my first three chemotherapy pills. My husband put his arm around me and said, “Thank you. Thank you for doing this for our family.”

and we all snuggled, watching Tom and Jerry discover silly green aliens on Mars while we waited for my body to react to the chemo pills.

This morning’s routine was not nearly as much of a ritual, squeezed in between showers and timed after breakfast and before we got distracted by the children’s needs.

So far, so good. I’m not reacting violently to the xeloda, which is fantastic. My oncologist says that we’ll know how I respond after a week, in terms of side effects, and after three weeks, in terms of white blood counts (that fight infection) and liver counts (which can be damaged by the treatment). So today I rest, and watch, and pick blackberries from the garden with the children.

My body now has the tools to fight the cancer.

Six pills down, 498 to go.

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4 Responses to Xeloda: Day 1

  1. Sally J says:

    Thanks for sharing, Susan. I am thinking about you and hope it goes as well as possible.

  2. whymommy says:

    Thanks, Sally. So far, so good!

  3. mod*mom says:

    i’m sending you positive healing energy 🙂

    i don’t know what xeloda is yet, but i’m grateful it can help fight for you.

  4. jennifer k. says:

    Thank you for sharing Susan

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