Just a happy note

Today I’m grateful for the chance to stay home with my kidlet, who is running a nasty fever, and just play legos with him all day. 

He doesn’t care that I have cancer.  Or that I’m too tired to take him to museums or coach his soccer team.  He’s just grateful for a snuggle.

And today, so am I.


5 Responses to Just a happy note

  1. Jenster says:

    Legos and snuggles are the best medicine for a sick boy!

  2. Freve says:

    Our kids keep us going. I too, have a kid but my baby just turned 16 and I am happy to be here for her. Hugs and kisses keep me going!

  3. annie says:

    I can totally appreciate this! I guess the upside of not feeling well is that we can give ourselves permission to snuggle and watch movies or play a game without feeling like we need to get up and clean or something. Enjoy those quiet play days – they are such a gift!

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