Eribulin, so far

By Sarah

So far I have had two treatments with the newly approved breast cancer drug Eribulin. I had a hard time at my first treatment  just getting my insurance company to ok my treatment. You can read about my experience here. It’s kind of scary receiving a new drug but exciting at the same time. Not knowing really what to expect. I am my doctor’s first patient to receive the treatment and the first patient at the hospital to receive it. I felt like I was on the cusp of something important. Paving the way for other women like me who have tried several drugs for their cancer that had not worked.

I have not experienced many any side effects from my treatments so far. My most significant side effect is fatigue. I seem to be sleepy all the time but it may have to do with the meds I am taking for my cough too. The only other side effect I have experienced is a little constipation which as all  cancer patients know is very common. I don’t have any food aversions and have been able to drink my coffee every morning which makes me very happy.

I am currently using an oxygen machine to make my breathing easier. My cough that I have had is getting better and I think the oxygen is really helping that out. If I feel short of breath or have a lot of coughing I just go into my room turn my machine on and put my nose piece in and bam, I get a nice oxygen treatment.

My hair is still hanging on and I am told that it will not all fall out. We will see about that. My hope is that this new treatment will kill my cancer and put me into remission. I would like to celebrate a lot more Christmases.

4 Responses to Eribulin, so far

  1. Stella says:

    Sarah – I would like to have you around for a long, long time to come also! What’s with the cough? Have you been sick or is it cancer related????

    Hang in there, Lady! I’m praying for good results!

  2. Spruce Hill says:

    It’s a bit of both. It’s been going on for a long time but has gotten worse in the last 3 weeks or so.

  3. Teri says:

    Really hope this new treatment works for you!
    Glad you’re not suffering from too many side effects too, I know how much you love your morning coffee.

  4. Lahdeedah says:


    Thinking about you. I read your Spruce Hill blog lots…for update on you, for recipes, and to fantasize about living on that farm with those dogs and, well, with your life :)It’s not sounding too fun at the moment, but I’m sending up a big prayer for a successful outcome! BTW…I loved the photos of your dogs upon your return home from a trip…simply beautiful.



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