Thank You Susan G. Komen

by Lorri Steer at


It was an expected doorbell ring. My daughter’s friend’s Mom was coming to pick up her daughter from our house. Happily, I opened the door. I hadn’t seen her since her wedding a few months back and I was excited to see how newlywed life was treating her. Apparently, not so good.

“I found a lump” she blurted out.

I started out my “8 out of 10” breast lumps are benign speech to encourage her. I asked some questions hoping for the answers that would push the possibility of cancer far away. But each of her answers confirmed my worst fears Her lump is fixed and in the upper outer quadrant of her left breast – the most common presentation and location for breast cancers. She smokes. Things do not look good. Tomorrow she’ll know for sure. Today she waits. I wait with her – my silent prayer a litany of “No. No. No’s.”

“My job doesn’t have insurance.” she told me. “Planned Parenthood paid for my mammogram.” Planned Parenthood’s breast health funds from Susan G. Komen may well save this woman’s life. Look at these hands – the hands of a June bride with a renewed hope. The hands of a single mother who has raised her daughter mostly alone. The hands of a daughter – the only one – with 4 brothers. The hands of a friend, a neighbor, the woman who serves you your lunch today, checks out your grocery order or cares for your grandmother at the senior center.

Look at these hands and tell me again why you boycott Susan G. Komen. It may be theory to you, but to some people, it’s real life. Or real death.

4 Responses to Thank You Susan G. Komen

  1. Dawn says:

    People boycott them? WTF for? geez. I’ll keep her in my thoughts, Susan. Thanks for sharing. As always.

  2. Lahdeedah says:

    I’ve been snowed under at work and blissfully unaware of a SGK boycott. Just googled it and found this post on the “Catholic Answers” forum: “Every Catholic and Christian should boycott the Susan G. Komen foundation, a foundation dedicated to reaching a cure for breast cancer. “Why?” Because the Susan G. Komen foundation has direct links to abortion and Planned Parenthood, the leading provider of abortions in the United States and possibly the entire world.” I have a rudimentary understanding of the Bible but I believe that one of the main points Jesus made was that people are precious to God and they should be precious to us, regardless of their beliefs, politics, sexual preference, race, religion etc. If Jesus were here today would he deny a woman health services because she believes in abortion? I believe if Jesus were here today, he would provide that same woman health services even if she had had an abortion. Because that’s what Jesus stands for: unconditional love. I’m praying for your friend, Lorri. This is a beautiful post.

  3. lorri s. says:

    I’m thrilled to report the news came back BENIGN!

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