I must believe (by Judy)

* that I’ll worry and worry but still burst with pride when he gets his driver’s license.
* that I’ll see him graduate from high school, and I’ll be the most obnoxious picture-taking mom there (or one of the most).
* that I’ll be there as he goes through his college journey, and I’ll burst with pride all over again as he receives his college diploma.
* that I’ll watch him get married, if he so chooses, and I’ll dance a mother-son dance with him.
* that I’ll watch him become a parent, if he so chooses, and I’ll spoil any grandchildren that come my way.
* that I’ll be there for him in every way I can be as he re-evaluates again and again what adoption means for him.
* that I’ll grow old with his dad.

I must believe. I must.


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4 Responses to I must believe (by Judy)

  1. Tracy says:

    well put,
    these are my wishes, 2x for both my sons!

  2. Lynne says:

    I support your belief.

  3. Rose says:

    The things you must believe moved me to tears. My list of must believes is so very similar. Hugs to you.

  4. Jenster says:

    I believe you will, too!

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