Little Bear’s Fourth Birthday

… and I’m in better shape than I was earlier this week. My participation in the clinical trial is all but confirmed. My doctor says the additional week delay (total of 3 weeks since the PET scan) isn’t going to be a problem, and we’re all in much better shape emotionally than earlier in the week.

I’m happy to share that three of my online friends have posted information about the new partnership between LympheDIVAs and Crickett’s Answer and donated $1/comment for lymphedema sleeves this week, for a confirmed total of $500 from @ThatKristen, $100 from Marty/@canape, and a number of direct donations made for this project from the Internet (well, from PEOPLE on the Internet and using social media, but you know what I mean). Even better, the word is getting out that help with sleeves is AVAILABLE, and I’m cheered to hear that there are more posts from other bloggers (and ACS!) on the way!

I even have the first success story to share, from the first woman helped as we were getting this together back in November. She has additional disability and can’t drive, so she relies on metro and metro access to get to lymphedema treatment each week, taking time and energy that she needs to parent her young son. Without the sleeve, she had to come back frequently for therapy. Now that she has a class 2 lymphedema sleeve and glove to help manage her own care, she has been discharged from therapy and has that time, energy, and effort back!

The foundation has agreed to send her a second sleeve and glove to help with compliance. (It’s difficult to wash a garment every night for daily wear; having two really helps.)

As for me, I burrowed into work this week (trying to ignore the recurrence) and have come back here frequently to enjoy the love and lift my spirits. I’m hoping for amnesty from replying to every comment while I get things back to a kind of normal around here, but I thank you and love you all!

Except for the person who told me to read The Secret to fight this fourth cancer. You, I worry about.

Today, my “baby,” known here as Little Bear, is four. Tomorrow, we will laugh and celebrate and race fire trucks on homemade ramps, and celebrate the JOY of living – for today is a day I didn’t know I’d have, and, as I’m often reminded, I am lucky – very lucky – to be here TODAY, and to be his Mama.

Happy birthday, Little Bear. You are joy and laughter and happiness, and I just melt whenever you blow a kiss (rapid-fire), flash that grin that lights up a room, or snuggle in, with a quiet “I love you, Mama.”

I love you too, Little Bear. And every day of my life, I live now for you and your brother Widget. The pain and fear and uncertainty that you’re reading about in these archives – please know always that for you – for you – it was worth it.

Originally posted on Toddler Planet, January 14, 2011


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