Good luck, Mayor!

Mayor O. BreastcancerToday’s a big day for a woman who has been a longtime supporter of Mothers With Cancer, in this group and worldwide.  Please join me in wishing “the Mayor” GOOD LUCK and ROCKIN’ WORDS in her Ph.D. thesis defense TODAY! 

The Mayor was an early supporter and designed our logo back in March of 2007 when we were just getting started, and she is the force behind Worldwide Breast Cancer, a breast cancer education site that uses lemons to illustrate possible signs and symptoms, and to encourage women to check themselves early and often for anything that seems odd.  I adore her, and I wish her ALL THE BEST today! 

Goooo, Mayor!


4 Responses to Good luck, Mayor!

  1. Hooray! Best of luck, and many congratulations, “Mayor”!

  2. Jenster says:

    Yay and Kudos to the very talented Mayor!!!

  3. […] breasts as part of her Worldwide Breast Cancer educational effort. (I learned about Beaumont via Mothers With Cancer—thanks […]

  4. katherinembc says:

    I think The Mayor is awesome! I love this project and am sharing it with breast cancer advocates.

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