last night’s benefit (by Judy)

My heart and soul are full-to-bursting and my mind keeps going so my sleep has been restless (the steroids probably don’t help, but anyways . . . ). I wish I could bottle these feelings and share them with all of you, with all of my loved ones — and my loved ones are many. In spite of the cancer, I am blessed beyond belief. Beyond words. God’s grace was in the room last night, in every person who was there and those who couldn’t be there but were there in spirit, in all the wonderful people pulling for me, praying for me, giving of their love, time, and energy to help me.

The benefit was a success. If you want to look at it in purely monetary terms, people are generous and the money will help so much with what insurance doesn’t cover for us. However, it was about so much more than money. It was about love and people being there for me, people showing me how much they care (again, whether they were there in person or in spirit). Amazingly incredible people who show me time and time again that I’m loved, that they care about me, who exemplify God’s grace.

There are, of course, many people to thank, and I’m sure I’ll forget some. I apologize in advance. The two women who thought this up, H and K, also did much of the work to make last night so great. My sisters, J and M also helped and were in charge of the raffle items. Speaking of the raffle items, all the people who donated items (and I can’t remember all of them here) were generous to do so and I appreciate them so very much. MB did a great deal of work pulling the event together, and her husband S helped quietly behind the scenes. The Campus Preschool staff, including MS, JB, and SG also helped with the benefit. C and her husband G who helped spread the word where I work. Fazoli’s for catering the event. L for coming from Michigan and B for coming from Connecticut. And of course, everyone who was there, physically or in spirit, who lifted me up and made me feel extraordinarily loved. I’m sure I’m forgetting people and I apologize for doing so.

I think the “high” from this will last for awhile. I can only thank everyone who is pulling for me, everyone who shows me their love, and God for his infinite grace. I’m tired, yes, but I’m happy.

So very happy.

Thanks to all my loved ones. I love you all.

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  2. Hooray! Glad it served as a spirit-booster for you too!

  3. Jenster says:

    Fabulous! So glad it was such a success!

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