50 and happy (by Judy)

Today I turned 50 years old, I have Stage IV Inflammatory Breast Cancer, other health issues possibly caused by or at least caused in part by the cancer (diabetes, blood clot) . . . . . and I’m happy.

I know those things don’t always go together; in fact, they haven’t always gone together for me. But, I have so much love in my life, so many incredible friends, family members, and a tremendous church family. I have the best son in the world. They lift me up, my faith lifts me up, and I feel extremely blessed and lately very happy.

I am LIVING. I might be living with cancer, but the key word there is LIVING. LIFE. I may have a scary diagnosis, but I also have an awesome oncologist, so many people praying for me, and a faith that builds me up. I have no idea how much time I have on this earth, but I’m going to squeeze as much LIFE out of it as I can.

In spite of the cancer and the other medical problems, I feel incredibly blessed.

LIVING and BLESSED = a happy heart.

That’s all kinds of WIN, in my book. 🙂

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7 Responses to 50 and happy (by Judy)

  1. I am right behind you Judy. Cancer has changed so much about how each of us looks at life. Now when people complain about turning 50, I smile and say “I can’t wait”. I hope you have a blessed and wonderful day with many more Birthdays to come!

  2. Absolutely! Yay for birthdays, for friendship, for doctors, and for joy itself!

    Happy Birthday, Judy!

  3. Happy Birthday! You are a living testament to the notion of finding “happiness in a storm,”

  4. Lahdeedah says:

    Judy! Happy 50th! You have an amazing approach to life, girl.

  5. Lilly says:

    I too have stage IV breast cancer. I was diagnosed Dec.28. 2009. I am in remission and loving each and every day. My sister-in-law and I scrapbook at least once a week. She helps me a lot.

  6. Judy Bennett frazer says:

    My sister passed at a young age of breast cancer and i ten years younger.She had lost her husband and 4 children to raise.Each day she lived with love and was a Victorious leader for us all to follow.Now that I am faced with an illness,I surround myself with my church family,friends,familyand memories of my sister and knowing I can LIVE and LOVE each day in a victorious manner,and not sweat the small stuff.God is here to carry me when I am weak,so who am i to complain for feeling weary,i am alive and when I am not,my legacy will be….be a victor,not a victim…God is MY Father

  7. A positive out look in LIVING LIFE always brings color to a life even if it is lived with cancer. I pray for more fun, happy and life full of life for you and for all. Thanks for the positive vibes.

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