Judy’s platitudes (by Judy)

Yes, I know, I hate platitudes. I do. But I have learned some things through my two experiences with Stage IV Inflammatory Breast Cancer to know that some things are true for at least most people. As always, Your Mileage May Vary. 🙂

1. You’re stronger than you know or ever imagined. People ask me how I get through this, and the answer really is: I have no other choice. I can either crumble (and I do sometimes, but I’ve always been able to go forward again) or I can accept this as a part of my life and find happiness wherever I can.

2. Faith is a beautiful thing. The times when I’ve felt closest to God are the times when I’ve had the easiest time with all of this. God really is with me all the time; it’s just that I don’t always accept or acknowledge it, or my anger against God is so fierce that I harden my heart against Him. He always finds a way through, though — sometimes through the grace of other people — and when that happens, miracles happen, even if they’re small miracles. I thank God for being with me through all of my troubles.

3. Despite everything, life is beautiful. The sun is shining today, I have a wonderful family, I have amazing friends and a tremendous church family. I have many blessings in my life, even though I do have a sucky disease. The blessings in my life are part of what gives me strength.

4. People can and will surprise you, both in good and bad ways. I try not to judge them for that anymore because, as some smart people have told me, “Wounded people wound people.” I am finding that I have more and more compassion for those you would think I would be railing at.

5. Lean on friends, family members, church family. Lean on people. Let them know when you’re hurting. Many times, even just telling others your problems releases burdens that you may have.

Friendship makes prosperity more shining and lessens adversity by dividing and sharing it.
~ Cicero

6. Related to number 2: God is great and can get you through anything. Also, miracles can happen. Never forget that.

7. If you’re not feeling well physically, it’s difficult to feel well emotionally. I often forget that when I’m not feeling well physically. If I would remember that, I think things would be easier for me at those times.

8. A prognosis is simply a history of what has happened to people before you who have gone through the same or a similar diagnosis. Prognoses are not set in stone. You may be the small percentage that lives way beyond a prognosis. My way of dealing with the prognoses that I got the first time I went through this? — honestly, I try to ignore them.

9. Keep the faith, and keep your hope. They are both beautiful things and will help you in the difficult days of your illness or whatever burden you are carrying.


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3 Responses to Judy’s platitudes (by Judy)

  1. Valerie says:

    Thank you. They may be platitudes, but they are all good things to remember. Some hit very close to home for me today.

  2. Thank you, Judy. You summed up perfectly what I wanted to say myself. I think these are inspired and inspiring, not mere platitudes. I wanted to share them on my blog, “Fight Like a Mother” (www.fightlikeamother.com) to inspire other moms. Thank you for your positive words. They do heal.

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