A Cancer Survivor’s ABC’s — according to Judy

Help me finish my ABC’s. I first just had one word for each letter, but that didn’t seem like enough so I’m trying to include three words for each letter. Some, alas, only have one or two. Those sad little letters need more words.

A is for Arthritis, Arimidex, and _________
B is for Bills, Breasts, and Biopsies
C is for Chemotherapy, Cancer, and Care
D is for Doctors, Denial, and _________
E is for Energy, Emotions, and _________
F is for Faith, Fear, and Family
G is for Gratitude, _________, and _________
H is for Hope, Hospitals, and Health
I is for Inflammatory (Breast Cancer), Infections, and Injections
J is for Joy, Journals, and Judy πŸ™‚
K is for Kids, _________, and _________
L is for Lymphedema, Leukemia, and Legacy
M is for Mastectomy, Mothers, and Menopause
N is for Nausea, Neuropathy, and Neutropenia
O is for Office (Doctor’s), Oopherectomy, and Ovarian
P is for Port, Pain, and Patient
Q is for Quiet, _________, and _________
R is for Radiation, Rest, and Recovery
S is for Surgery, Support, and Survival
T is for Tests, Trials, and _________
U is for Uncertainty, Understanding, and _________
V is for Vitamins, _________, and _________
W is for Warrior, Weary, and _________
X is for Xeloda, _________, and _________
Y is for You, _________, and _________
Z is for Zofran, Zest, and _________

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8 Responses to A Cancer Survivor’s ABC’s — according to Judy

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  2. T- Tamoxifen U-Unity Q-Questions, Quest V-Vitality, Vanquish,Victory K-Karma W-worry

    Love this!

  3. Tati says:

    Allergic reactions, Areola
    DCIS (Ductal Carcinoma In Situ), DNA
    Genetics, Grade, Gynecologic Oncologist
    Kindness, Keeping faith, Kidneys(?)
    Quest (for a cure)
    Tamoxifen, Tram-flap, Toxicity, Tissue, Tumor, Trust
    Woman, Weight, White Blood Cell Count
    You, and you (because it should be all about us when we’re battling!)

  4. lilly says:

    Here’s a couple words Angels,drugs,elation,get well cards,quit,useful,vitality,xanax,zometa,wish

  5. mumisphere says:

    A is for anxiety and W is for worry – we all experience it.

  6. throwslikeagirl74 says:

    A is for Avastin and Ativan
    K is for Kicking Cancer’s Ass.
    Q is for Questions
    T is for Taxol

  7. justenjoyhim says:

    Great additions; thanks!

  8. Juli says:

    A – Alopecia
    D= diagnosis
    V- Vigilance
    Q- questions

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