I Don’t Usually Read Books About Cancer . . . . (by Judy)

but I’m very glad that I just read Not Done Yet: Living Through Breast Cancer by Laurie Kingston, author and blogger at Mothers With Cancer (with me and other moms with cancer) and her own blog, Not Just About Cancer.

I don’t typically read books about cancer basically because I’m living it and I get enough of it that way. Well, more than enough. However, Laurie’s blog-to-book about her diagnosis, treatment of her cancer, remission, and recurrence only a few months after she went into remission is quite the good read, and I’m happy I read it.

Laurie is a beautiful writer, and this book is no exception. Told in a succinct, readable style, Not Quite Done Yet goes over the lows and highs of a life with cancer. Of life, really, as most of us have our own particular burdens that we live with, whether it’s cancer or something else. I could relate to so much of of what’s in the book. Laurie has an amazing attitude about life and cancer and it shows through her book. I don’t want to ruin the book for new readers of it, but rest assured that it is an authentic look at life, first with breast cancer and then with metastatic breast cancer. Throughout it all, Laurie’s voice shines through clearly, showing that life can indeed be beautiful even if someone has this dreaded disease. I’m drawn to Laurie’s description of her own blog which is also a succinct, honest expression of what she has lived through and her life now:

What happens when you are 38 years old, write for a living and are diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer? Well, if you’re me, you start a blog. When the cancer spreads to your liver? Keep writing. When the “spectacular” happens and you learn that tumours have disappeared? Turn it all into a book. And you go on living your life. Because life is good.

Life is indeed good as is Laurie’s book. I loved this read, and I’m grateful to Laurie for sending me the book. Thank you, Laurie, not just for the book but for your articulate insights, your honest story, and your continuing to live a full life. You’re an inspiration to many, I’m sure; I know you are one to me.

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  2. Thanks so much Judy. Your opinion matters so much to me. xo

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