It’s National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (by Judy)

and right now I’ll say little about how NBCAM has been coopted by oodles of corporations who slap some pink on something, sell it, and tell you that “portions of the proceeds from this product will go to breast cancer organizations” or something similar.

Instead, I’ll quote myself in a Facebook status update. This sums up my feelings about NBCAM. Now, mind you, I don’t think NBCAM is in and of itself a bad thing. I don’t think breast cancer awareness is a bad thing; I just don’t think it’s enough, after all these years. What I said was:

Here’s the thing: we need ACTION not awareness, we need RESEARCH TO SAVE LIVES not profits for companies that pink up their products every October.

Am I so cynical that I think that some companies just make a product pink to make more profit for themselves? Well, yes I am, mainly because THEY DO. However, I went over a lot of that information during last year’s NBCAM, and instead of going over it again, I’m going to do something different this year. This year, instead of griping and groaning about NBCAM, at least once/week I’ll feature a reputable breast cancer/cancer organization that I would personally support and tell you about it. In addition, throughout the year, I’ll send a donation to these organizations. I want to focus on some of the smaller organizations, those who don’t put a lot of money towards marketing and advertising, and some grass roots organizations that are doing research to help save lives or are doing other things to make the lives of breast (and other) cancer survivors better.

I hope to write about one organization tomorrow, and will go from there. If you have any suggestions for organizations that do good work and get little press/money, please let me know in the comments here.

Here’s to October! 🙂


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4 Responses to It’s National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (by Judy)

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  2. Teresa Spaw says:

    I am all for attention to cancer in all forms; however there are many kinds of cancer. I am a survivor (1 year) of lung cancer and have determined it must not be widley marketed because it kills more people than breast, colon and uterine cancer combined. As I said I am for attention to all forms of cancer because it kills in all forms requiring only to remain undetected to do its job.

    I appreciate your take on this.

  3. justenjoyhim says:

    Thank you, Teresa. I plan to focus mainly on breast cancer organizations/foundations, but I also have some organizations/foundations that do research/help cancer survivors of all kinds of cancer.

    I do think that NCBAM has been especially successful in bringing awareness to breast cancer, sometimes at the expense of other cancers which is very unfortunate. There are theories about why this is so which I won’t go into at this time.

  4. Tracy says:

    breast friends forever, located in Middletown, New Jersey

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