Featured Charity: Breast Friends Forever (by Judy)

One of the things that attracted me to feature Breast Friends Forever is not only that more than one person recommended it, but also that it was started by Erika Rech and Mike Ruane when they were just 15 years old.

According to the history in their pamphlet:

When they were just 15 years old, cousins Erika Rech and Mike Ruane found out that one of their family members was diasgnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. . . Through their determination, Breast Friends Forever was created. Mike and Erika rely solely on donations to fund their cause. To date, they have rasied in excess of $150,000 and have helped in excess of 100 families.

Impressive for a couple of kids, no?

The goal of Breast Friends Forever is to support those individuals and their families who are fighting Breast Cancer. Our mission is to help them deal with the consequences of this diagnosis by providing emotional, intellectual, spiritual and financial support and resources in their time of need. Additionally, it is the goal of Breast Friends Forever to encourage young women to take charge of their health by performing monthly breast self examinations.

They don’t just talk about helping, though; they have real-life examples of people and families affected by breast cancer whom they’ve helped. I could list some of those that they feature in their Breast Friends Forever pamphlet, or I could let you read for yourself from their website and tell you that I support this organization, am impressed with their resolve, and say that they give me oodles of hope for their generation.

This reminds me so much of Margaret Mead’s quote:

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

Thank you for changing the world, Mike and Erika. I’m impressed. 🙂


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