Ten Breast Cancer Charities I Support (by Judy)

It’s almost the end of October, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I hope by now you know that: it’s not enough to buy pink stuff (much of that money goes to the corporations who manufacture it), it’s not enough to be aware (we need action to save lives), and getting a mammogram isn’t always an indicator of whether or not you have breast cancer (for example, Inflammatory Breast Cancer often doesn’t show up on a mammogram).

I hope you also know that, even though I may not be crazy about the pinking of October and corporations making money off of breast cancer, I DO want a cure found. I believe in prevention, of course, but as I’ve said, anyone can get breast cancer. Unfortunately, as I’ve found out first-hand, nobody is immune from life’s difficulties.

However, there is hope. There’s always hope. There is important research being done. There are foundations that have been created to make memories for breast cancer survivors. And there are initiatives in the works to put more funding towards finding a cure for those of us with metastatic breast cancer.

This month, I tried to focus on the good, the positive, the organizations that are doing research and are helping breast cancer survivors. I ended up writing about ten breast cancer charities that I can, and will (as money allows) support. These are charities that are doing work I believe in. In alphabetical order, these are the charities I wrote about this month. I’m sure I’ve omitted many great breast cancer charities, but this is a start. I focused on charities that are grassroots, that are staffed mainly or solely by volunteers, that have a national outreach, and that either fund research efforts or do things for breast cancer survivors that they can’t (often due to being “cancer poor”) do for themselves.

The charities are:

1. Breast Intentions (formerly Breast Friends Forever).
What I wrote about Breast Intentions.

2. The IBC Network Foundation
What I wrote about The IBC Network Foundation.

3. Inflammatory Breast Cancer Research Foundation
What I wrote about the IBC Research Foundation.

4. Little Pink Houses of Hope
What I wrote about Little Pink Houses of Hope.

5. Living Beyond Breast Cancer
What I wrote about Living Beyond Breast Cancer.

6. Making Memories Breast Cancer Foundation
What I wrote about Making Memories Breast Cancer Foundation.

7. Metastatic Breast Cancer Network
What I wrote about the Metastatic Breast Cancer Network.

8. METAvivor Research & Support, Inc.
What I wrote about METAvivor Research & Support, Inc.

9. My Hope Chest
What I wrote about My Hope Chest.

10. Think Before You Pink, a project of Breast Cancer Action.
What I wrote about Think Before You Pink.

I hope you’ll join me in supporting these breast cancer charities as well as other grassroots charities that don’t have money for advertising and marketing, but are doing great work for breast cancer patients/survivors.
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