a flower hat

a flower hat :: by Matte Stephens

reminds me of all the mothers bald from chemo right now,

hopeful for spectacularly positive outcomes like mine 🙂

i’m so grateful for the healing energy of art + blog pals…

i was always in search of a great hat when i was bald 🙂

flowers around the head is a beautiful alternative to a hat or scarf!

will you share your bald head covering  + decorating ideas + experiences in the comments of this post,

for mothers with cancer looking for ideas now?





3 Responses to a flower hat

  1. I don’t have personal experience, but I understand from two friends that Buffs, available from outdoors-y stores are very comfortable and appreciated (http://www.buffwear.com/). They are about $22 dollars, which seems pricey for a piece of material. However, I did buy one for my daughter to wear and she loves it! It has held up to a ton of abuse and washes well.

  2. Hi Super-Moms 🙂
    There’s a far better alternative to chemotherapy with nil side effects and no relapse of tumours, that is, targeting cancer stem cells.
    Check my latest blog on these here:
    I, as a biotechnology student, believe that it would be a norm in the next five to ten years. Please share the word so that the governments spend more on their research and application.
    Thanks 🙂

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