Roll Call

Lets get everyone to do a roll call….  Holiday check in!

I’m good.  Healthy.

My mom is dying…  lung cancer/emphysema.

I’m missing my MWC friends…  particularly Susan.  Her passing took all the air from my sails.

Anyone else?

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  1. shantell says:

    Hi my name is Shantell and I found out about my cancer on 11-14-12. The doctor performed my surgery a masectomy on my right breast on that Thu the 15th. I’ve had an awesome support system thah has been by my side non-stop

  2. Sarah Dees says:

    Hi. I’m Sarah, a 52-year-old single mom of a brilliant 17-year-old daughter. I’m still here and cancer free (colorectal cancer) since 2007. This summer, we had to move into a tiny apartment, as we lost our house to cancer (foreclosure.) I’m working hard and still struggling through life financially after cancer wiped me out, but very grateful to be doing so, and feeling alive.

    My mom is going through breast cancer for the second time and just finished radiation. So far she was able to keep the second breast, but lost the first one. Today she is cancer free.

    Just found out an artist friend died suddenly today from cancer. He had been living with it, painting and doing fine. That’s shaking me up, for sure. No matter what else is going on in life, being alive is better than the alternative.

    This Christmas, all my family is getting together to be with my mother and each other, for the first time, so it will be very special. Love to all mothers with, without and past cancer.

    • Stella says:

      Shantell – welcome to our exclusive little club. What type of breast cancer do you have? Hope your recovery is going well…

      Sarah – We lost our house to cancer also… Congrats on the longevity! Well done! Revel in your family while you can. It seems nothing is for sure…. Keeping you and yours in my prayers!

      • shantell says:

        I am so glad to have found this amazing group of women to share and help me through this journey. I have infiltrating ductile carsonoma. It’s been hard but I have had great support system that has been by my side.

  3. Jamie Richey says:

    My name is Jamie Richey and I am 35. I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer April 2011. I had a complete thyroidectomy and radiation. I go each year to the cancer center for thyrogen injections, radiation uptake and whole body scan. I have two girls and was recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I just take one day at a time.

  4. shantell says:

    Jamie my heart is with your family and you are in my prayers

  5. modmomblog says:

    from incurable diagnosis to incurable optimist in 6 short years.

    happy to be alive

  6. Rachel Wickman says:

    Glad to still be alive, though I feel like I’m in a line somewhere, and with each death of a friend I move up a spot, hoping I’m not next. Stage IV breast cancer, diagnosed in Feb 2011. Stable right now. Met Susan at the Hopkins retreat, what an amazing woman she was… felt so blessed to have the opportunity to spend that weekend with her.

    • Liddia says:

      I was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer on Dec. 28,2009. I will be a 3 year survivor next month. It is encouraging to hear from others.

  7. clergygirl says:

    Its so great to have some of our readers check in! Sometimes I think with so many passing that we might be too depressing but this gives me hope!
    I’m going to be 5 years in February. It’s taken 5 years to treat BC and reconstruct me, but I’m done with the addition of the tattoo’s on the 18th!
    I started nursing school this fall. The study is stressful but the administration makes it miserable. I won’t go in to it but all the students live in constant fear. I say under my breath “it’s not cancer” when it gets too much. Hoping I make it through! My hope is to get to midwifery and work in women’s health.
    I launched a art show this fall called featuring young survivors and their experience through essays. I’d love to expand the show in to a book with essays covering different topics pertaining to real life through BC. Maybe reviving the discussion Susan started about a MWC book.
    I am doing much better emotionally and physically. I don’t fear recurrence as much as I struggle with the losses of so many we grew close to. I got help in the spring because I was getting pretty bad…no details, just bad enough to need professional help. I had been prescribed some meds that I think were making me worse so I began overcompensating with leftover pain meds from my surgeries to cope. Not everyday but enough it was headed in a bad direction. Thanks to a new doc I’m on a miracle med for me called cymbalta that helps my anxiety, depression and all the pains I have in my arms and chest from all the work there. I know I’m headed back in the right direction.
    I’m hoping to run another 1/2 marathon in the spring and hopefully finally get to that full marathon this summer. At least it’s a goal:)
    Would love to hear from the others!

  8. Sandi says:

    I’m tired of getting sicker and sicker. :o(

    I am sick of being on chemotherapy (since June)

    I miss having hair, eyebrows and eyelashes (since July)

    I wish i felt pretty again

    I wish i was not too sick to help my Mom with her own health issues. :o(s

    I wish i were going to live long enough to hear my baby granddaughter s ay “I love you!” She’s my 1st and only!

    I hate what cancer has done to my life (and the life of others)

    I wish i were not so terribly sad all of the time.

    Is this what you meant? Sorry I’m such a downer…I’m not always like this…

  9. Hi – my original diagnosis of breast cancer (IDC) was in 2008. In July of this year, I was diagnosed with one met in my right lung. I have currently been undergoing chemo and am getting ready to switch chemos and start radiation. I have 2 daughters – 13 & 9 and one stepson – 17. I just want to have some energy and enthusiasm for Christmas!

    • shantell says:

      I am so sorry to hear your news. God bless you with all the strength that is possible for you. I learned on Nov 14th about my cancer and had a right breast mastectomy on the 15th. I have 3 sons so 9,7,and 3 and I am also trying to have the energy for the holidays. You are in my prayers……

  10. annie says:

    I’m still checking in to read from time to time. Losing Jenny (get out gertrude) took the wind out of my sails to keep my own blog going.

    I am due for my next 4 month scan for GIST – gastrointestinal stromal tumor – the end of January. I am still on my daily targeted therapy and will reach my 7 year mark in February. 7 years of daily chemo gets old but it’s keeping me here so it’s worth it!!

    Wishing all of you moms a healthy rested holiday season!!

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