it is what it is (and what it is is ok) – by Laurie

November 16, 2011
Herceptin makes me feel lousy. Or maybe it’s the Demerol they give me from flopping around like a fish with a fever. Either way, after every treatment I feel achy and hungover for a couple of days.
It’s a not nearly as bad as when I also have chemo (and I bounce back more quickly) but I’m still really dragging my butt around, when I bother to get up at all. I’ll go for a walk later but it will take every ounce of the meager willpower I possess to get myself dressed and out the door.
I saw the cardio-oncologist again on Monday and that appointment went as well as could possibly be imagined. My heart was slightly damaged by the Adriamycin but has remained just below normal, since being on the Herceptin. The verdict: I can continue with Herceptin. I don’t need to have heart scans every three months, as I have been. I don’t even need to be followed by a cardio-oncologist unless my ejection fraction dips below 45 (it’s currently around 49) or I experience symptoms of heart failure (um, yeah).

It appears that this whole heart scare was a tempest in a teapot – a reminder that when it comes to treatment of women living with metastasis, doctors are just making stuff up as they go along. They really don’t know the long term effects of the drugs that keep us alive because our being alive and in remission is still so unusual. It’s a bit unnerving but, given the alternative, I’m happy to serve as a human guinea pig.

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Roll Call!

July 23, 2010

Periodically, the Mothers With Cancer hold a roll call for everyone in our community — that’s you, if you’re here reading, on behalf of yourself, your spouse, or your friend.  We’d like to hear how you’re doing, what you’re up to, and if you have any questions that women on this site can answer.  I’d like to invite everyone, writer, commenter, or friend, to leave a comment below and let us know how you are!

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November 1: Sound off!

October 30, 2009

Happy November, everyone! Although we’re still a day or two away, I couldn’t WAIT to set up this month’s check-in! How are you? How’s treatment? Recovery? Mothering? If you haven’t posted in the last couple weeks, or if you just want to leave an update, this is a great place to do it!

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  • Everyone is welcome to leave a comment on this monthly check-in post, to ask questions, to share concerns, and to leave notes of support, whether you currently are a writer for this blog or not. We’re a community ’round these parts, and this is one of the big places we act like one.

    Now go hug those little goblins, and have a Happy Halloween!

    Roll Call

    May 1, 2009

    Hey, everyone, let’s all check in and say hello, shall we?  Kind of like a de-lurking day for moms with cancer and those who love them, as well as any other readers who would like to say hi.  To participate, just leave a comment, let us know how you’re doing, and tell us if anything special is coming up or if you’ve gotten news recently.  Feel free to leave a linkback to your personal blog if you have one.  If it works, we’ll do this every month, on the first of the month.

    Don’t worry, it won’t hurt a bit.