The moms at are grateful for the support and love of our friends, online and offline. As we pour our hearts into this new endeavour, we most particularly appreciate links that point to this site, and we hope that one of them will be seen by a mother who most particularly needs to find us. Maybe she’s a mother newly diagnosed with cancer. Maybe she’s been fighting for years. Or maybe her best friend was just diagnosed and she just wants to understand a little about what she’s going through. If you’ll help us spread the word, we’ll gladly link back to you here. If you’re not yet on this list of supporters, please leave a comment and link to your post, and we’ll add you right away!

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55 Responses to Support

  1. imstell says:

    I’ve done it. Have all of you?

  2. I have done it too, not sure whether it worked though.

  3. whymommy says:

    Oooh, we need a button! Anyone out there up to designing a cute one?

  4. whymommy says:

    Sometimes I come here just to be reassured at the number of wonderful people out there, who are hanging in there with us as we battle this thing.


  5. Talking about the blog on twitter is my main form of promotion. It’s sure got more readers than either my cancer blog or regular blog 🙂

  6. Jenster says:

    LOVE the button and have linked it on my blog.

  7. Nizhoni says:

    Not sure how to add the link but would like to I’ve been following your emails for sometime and what a great retreat they are I might add. I’m 34 yrs old and am a survivor since 1999. I was diagnosed at 25 yrs. old “peer group” whatever! lol My experience is my own as is all of ours however it is enlightening to know that some of the things that I feel “I’m the only one,…” that I’m not as odd as that sounds. Blah blah blah… Love to chat sometime do keep in touch I haven’t a website but would like to add it to my myspace and classmates if possible. Keep it coming gurlfriend and peace and longevity to each and everyone of us.

  8. Rosalie says:

    Added the photo, but is it supposed to link back to this site? Right now it’s just a photo. Would appreciate you adding my blog to the list.
    Thank you!

  9. Jo says:

    I can’t believe I didn’t know you existed sooner! I have hoped for a group of other moms with cancer to relate to and finding this site honestly made me tear up.

    I’ll be adding your button today and thank you for this site ladies. It helps other moms with cancer like me know that I’m not alone.

    I’ll add your button to my medical blog ( as well. 🙂

  10. Amy says:

    Hi, another mom with cancer here, wish I had known about you guys when first diagnosed 7/06. Diagnosed with mets 04/08, will link to your blog on mine.

    Weebles wobble but we don’t fall down

  11. Jennifer says:

    I stumbled on this site through YSC months ago, and love it. I started a site for mom’s with cancer, too, once I finished my breast cancer treatment. Come check us out! And thanks to all of you who blog about your own lives. It makes us feel not so alone some days.

    I’d love to have you link to me, too. I’ll be posting your button today.

  12. annesg says:

    Wow. I’m happy, but horrified, to see so many other women going through what I am. Someone who saw a link to my blog on another site sent me a link to this one. Though it is good to find a place where other people are going through what I am, I hate that there are so many children out there with mothers who are so ill.

    I have daughters–ages 9 and 6–and the past year has been transformative for all of us. Thanks for being here and sharing your journey.


    • Heather Fernandez says:

      I feel the same way! I was 23 years old with a 12 month old daughter when I was diagnosed with stage 4 Bcell lymphoma. I just spent the last 7 months in an out of the hospital an would of really appreciated seeing this site. I always felt so guilty that my daughter had to see me bald, sick , couldn’t play. Going forward I believe these stories of all of you can help me feel special like apart of a secret club and get back to normal.

  13. Tracy Kudrna says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t need all of these blogs? If there weren’t more people diagnosed every day? I joined the club in May 2008 and have 2 girls. I’m glad I found your blog and amazed that I didn’t find it earlier. Add me to the list of people who have linked to you. Keep it up!

  14. trustmeitsnothing says:

    Was more than happy to add the button and link to my blog.

  15. Kristyn says:


    I am writing to let you know about a new charitable initiative that just kicked off this month, involving the artist Ariel Aparicio’s new single “Pretty In Pink.” Between April 1st-30th Ariel will be donating his proceeds of $.54 cents from each iTunes sale of the single to the Greater New York City Affiliate of Susan G. Komen For The Cure ®.

    The idea was inspired by Ariel’s close friend Celeste Orangers, who was diagnosed in May 2005 with stage III breast cancer, and today can call herself a survivor. In April 2005, Herceptin was just approved as a wonder drug in treating breast cancer, and Celeste was one of her doctor’s first patients to receive it. She says, “Without the fundraising done by organizations like Susan G. Komen For The Cure ®, Herceptin would have been many years off, and I probably would not be here.” It was then Ariel decided to utilize his uplifting, violin-laden version of the Psychedelic Furs’ 1980s classic as a vehicle for spreading optimism and hope amongst women battling the disease.

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  16. Reynita says:

    Thank you for this site. I wish I had known about it sooner. I am 28 years old and have just celebrated by 1st year being cancer-free. I was diagnosed with breast cancer 1 year ago and had a mastectomy. If it wasn’t for the support of my husband, family and 2 year-old daughter I have no idea what I would have done. Congratulations and thank you to these 20 wonderful women for educating and supporting the public.

  17. […] want to be there for the next mom who needs us … so, if you have space, won’t you add this badge to your […]

  18. sfoleyajn says:

    Hi, I’m a senior editor at the American Journal of Nursing. I blogged about post-breast cancer lymphedema on our blog, AJN Off the Charts, and your site got an appreciative mention. Here’s the link: Thanks for all that you do!

    Sylvia Foley

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  20. Linda Balentine says:

    I was on the web site looking for support of daughters who mothers who died of breast of cancer. My beautiful mother Dollie Thompson at the age 74y/o Nov22-08 lost her battle with breast cancer. She never really accepted she had breast cancer at the end. My was initial diagnosis in 10/04. She was in
    good health until 8/08 she negative mammograms all
    way up to Nov 08. She just gotten clean bill health from breast surgeon in Nov 08. Mother continue to complain right leg pain and swelling difficultY walking she was seeing a orthopedic doctor who was really doing anything for her. In Nov/08 I taken her to emergency room one day to make sure she didnot have blood clot in her right leg. They took xrays Lord and behold the cancer has spreaded to her bones. I was shock and disbelief. She had biopies , radiation and chemotherapy. The cancer metastasize every where her brain,lungs, liver, bone, and blood even with treatments. When mother my mother was initial diagnosis in 04 they only did a lumpedectomy on left breast with radiation therapy. Today I feel she didnot get recieve agressive enough treatment in 04 they should have done blaterally mastectomy and chemo and radiation may she will be here today. My pointshe trusted in her doctor going with the less agressive treatment and she died it was too late when they decided to be agressive. I was my mother caretaker during her illness my father was around but he was scarced not much help. I am nurse also it haunts me today the care she recieve. I had to tell her oncologist enough is enough he wanted to continue to treatments I told he it is time go home on hospicecare she died week and half later. Today
    I still dealing with death. I need to vent today .
    Last night a family I knew needed a nurse come by to confirm that his wife was died before calling the hospice nurse this lady died from breast cancer she lives down street from me. She this brought memories of mother watching a family go thru this pain.
    My point please make sure your physician stay on top
    medical care and be more agressive.
    Still in mourning
    Linda Balentine

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    I’m Julie, the editor of “Mamapedia Voices”, and we feature guest bloggers on Mamapedia, a site for Moms all across the country. I’ve just found your blog, and would like to invite you write a piece which could be featured on our site.

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  23. Karina says:

    my name is karina I’m 26 years old I’VE just been diagnosed with cancer is stage IV and is metastasis i have a 5 month baby i like to find out more about this web side my cousin just talk me about it and I’m very interesting on became a member. i hope to hear for you very soon thank you.

    • Heather Fernandez says:

      Hi I’m sorry to here about your diagnosis. I know the feeling of being extremely happy about your newborn just to be shot for with a life threatening illness. I just wanted to say your baby will get you thru the hardest days and make you feel like you have a reason to get up in the morning. Every time you get to laugh, teach, take care of your baby do it. I really believe that is how I got through this mess called cancer. My 12 month old not able to say 1 word would stand by my side put her little hand on me when I would get sick, and her eyes would just say “mommy I love you!” I hope the best for you and your baby!

  24. Mama Gaga says:

    My mother is living with ovarian cancer (1 year last week). Your blog is so important. I blogged our family’s story today for World Cancer Day, and made mention of your site.

    Best wishes to all!
    (Mama Gaga)

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  26. Eashwar says:

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  27. Eashwar says:

    Sub: Blog Partnership Request!


    My name is Eashwar and I work for, a blog Network with 24+ growing blogs.

    I have enjoyed reading your blog and thought of dropping in a word.

    I have initiated an idea to create a blog roll in our blog As both the blogs deal similar topics, it would greatly benefit the visitors; if we could link to each other.

    All you need to do is, add our blog to your blog roll and we will do the same.

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  28. Kristina says:

    Hi there Moms,

    I hate to leave this as a comment, but I couldn’t find a contact email. I wanted to share this opportunity to honor such strong women as yourselves.

    Each year, Bright Starts™ honors and rewards eight women for their inspirational fight against breast cancer. These women have persevered through their battles and continue to be role models for their family and communities. We will reward the eight winning Pink Power Moms with:

    – A $5,000 Donation to the breast cancer charity of her choice
    – A weekend of pampering with all 8 of the Pink Power Mom winners
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    We would also love you and your readers to share your stories about the deserving moms in your lives. We encourage you to recognize and empower these amazing women by encouraging your readers to submit their own Pink Power Mom stories through commenting on your blog. When we award our Pink Power Mom of the Year in October, we’ll ask that you announce your blog’s winner. We’ll send this very special mom some of her own Bright Starts™ products.

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    We look forward to hearing from you,


  29. Shanee Bruno says:

    Is there anyway I can speak to a moderator on this site? I have a few questions, and I could not find a contact option here.

  30. annie says:

    I put your button on my site but have never remembered to let you know. Thanks for letting us all know we aren’t alone! xo

  31. Kari Druyen says:

    My precious mom lived with breast cancer for 18 years and I was by her side through it all, surgery, four reoccurance, chemotherapy, and the list goes on. I am looking for a place where I can volunteer my time to help other children or adults who’s mothers are going through treatment. Does anyone know of such a place?

  32. eliz1914? says:

    I’m a young mom who was diagnosed with IBC at the age of 28. I just passed my 30th birthday and I’m currently NED! I was wondering what it takes to be a blogger in this group. I have been following this blog and the personal blogs of most of the ladies here since I was diagnosed but I wasn’t sure who to contact to find out about becoming one of the bloggers. Thanks for any help!


  33. Jameka says:

    I am an inspiring fashion designer 25 years old diagnosed with brain cancer, who can i network with to make my dreams a reality. I have all the paper work and doctors to prove it. I have medical summaries, doctor bills etc. I have a valid id and birth certificate, and a social security card to prove my identification. I have a 5 year old child, and I am a very good mother despite my illness. I am always making sure my daughter is getting everything her little heart desires. I made that promise to myself that as long as I remain here, I will make sure she is happy while I am alive. Being that this is, I kind of neglect myself. I always wanted to be a fashion designer, and I have a portfolio to accommodate my desires.
    I started designing at a very early age. Being diagnosed with brain cancer shattered my dreams of becoming a fashion designer, because the tumor sits on the right side of my brain steam, connected to my central nervous system, this leaves my left side somewhat impaired. I have intentional tremors which means whenever my brain intends on moving my left hand, it fails because the tumor suppresses the nerves, and this triggers the tremors. Having the tremors disables me to use a sewing machine, scissors, needles, etc, as I send this message, I am typing with one finger. But I still hope and pray that I get the chance to explore the world of fashion.
    I had a dream last night, and I pictured my designs featured on a magazine. I really need your help; I really would like to make my dream come true, please give me the chance to make my dreams come true. I was told to follow my dreams no matter what deters me. I was thinking maybe I could be featured on the one of the fabulous fashion shows, and as one of the challenges the designers could all chose one of my designs out of my portfolio, and bring them to life. It could be a fun process, and touching moment, for me and fellow Americans. Please give me the chance, I promise I will not let you all down, the designs are fabulous, and one of a kind.

    If you need further info, please contact me at


  34. Greetings – I was headed to Dubai with my husband (Davis Ward E95) and family (3 kids under 6, and our dog, Cameron). I went for a routine checkup with my GYN and she recommended a mammogram which ultimately saved my life. After additional checks and a needle biopsy, I was diagnosed with Stage 2b breast cancer at age 35. I am currently finishing neo-adjuvent chemo (AC, and taxol), and have a bilateral mastectomy and radiation planned in the fall of 2012. Sometimes life gives you 52 card pickup and you have to make lemonade. My blog is . I too would love to be a blogger here – the power of words is amazing and I am so thankful to have more share the journey. Here in Austin there is some support, but here I have found more! Please contact me if I can be a part of this amazing group: lauren_ward02 at yahoo dot com.

  35. JR says:

    HI, We just created an infographic to raise awareness for cancer charities throughout the US. The purpose of this infographic is to share importance of us focusing on a cure for cancer and asking people to support the organizations that are working hard to find one. This infograph displays some pretty gripping statistics about incidence rate and survival rate for various cancer sites as well as incidence percentages by state. The infographic is located at: We are hoping that people will link it to to get some much needed support for these organizations.

  36. Nirvana Anderson says:

    Has anyone been informed about Thermography which is a way to scan your breasts for cancer without the carcinogenic radiation? There is information about it on the website
    Be interested to hear how many how heard of it.

  37. Courtney says:

    I just wanted to thank you all for creating this space. My mother is nearing the end of her time with us due to liver cancer, which the doctors believe stemmed from a bout with colon cancer she thought she had beaten in 2005. I just started a blog (“cancerbaggage”) in my feeble attempt to handle it, and found this blog in a search for others in similar situations. Your stories are heartwrenching, hopeful, and helpful. Thank you again and God bless.

  38. Trish says:

    I am grateful to have found this site right now and grateful that the bloggers are so open and honest. My mom passed away weeks ago from gastric cancer with metastises. She treated for a year and her treatment was very effective for 9 months. The downturn came quickly, almost out of no where, and the end even faster. She always maintained a positive attitude. She was going to get better…she was going to get better. I have no doubt she needed to maintain that outlook to get by. She didn’t want her children to see her worried, even when she definitely was- before each tumor marker result came back, before each scan. She would not talk openly about the disease or her experience. In fact, many of her friends say that my mom openly discussed chemotherapy but never uttered the word ‘cancer.’ It is agonizing to me now to wonder what did she think about for the past year? How did she feel? How were little or big things in life affected by what was going on with her body? From all of your posts, I feel I can get a sense of what may have been going in in her mind and heart all the while, the things she may have been too afraid to share with us. I feel no sense of peace with her passing, because it is too soon And I pray that reading these experiences will help me heal.

  39. You ladies are awesome. I found your site a year ago when I was going through treatment for Stage 4 IBC and avoided it for a while to focus on my own issues, but I am glad that I had a chance to revisit today. It saddens me that so many young mothers have succumbed to their disease, but I am also so glad to see that I am not alone in dealing with these issues. I don’t have an official blog, but I have used my CaringBridge site to communicate with others about my disease. Good health to you all!
    Sandra Bishnoi

  40. I was diagnosed two years ago, in my late 20’s and with a 2 yr-old son. While going through treatment, I had an unexpected and miraculous second child. I blog about it at

    I would love to support and get connected with motherswithcancer!

  41. Marci says:

    My Daughter Audri Myers DeBoef a mom of 2 young teens has been diagnosed with Triple Negative Cancer and the prognosis is not very good for her….
    God Bless you all that have such positive words and encouragement for all involved
    Marci Myers- A mom hurting for a daughter

  42. nice site good color your site loveing article i enjoy this blog.

  43. Michael says:

    I stumbled onto this site. I am not a mother with cancer. I am a man, I am a nurse and I am a cancer survivor. My cancer was of the kidney at age 18. I am curious about the support systems available to single moms with cancer.

    • sandra miller says:

      Michael thanks for reaching out to all the women who have been diagnosised with cancer. I live in Idaho and there really is not much help or support. Iam now losing my home and no one is willing to help me. I’ve been disabled this 1997. I was diagnosised with second stage breastcancer. If you have any ideas I would appreciate them. Thank you sandy.

  44. My Daughter Audri Myers DeBoef a mom of 2 young teens has been diagnosed with Triple Negative Cancer and the prognosis is not very good for her….

  45. Hi! My name is Jessica DUENes I’m a young mother of two little girls and now a 2 week preemie boy. While I was pregnant I kept getting abnormal labs report on my blood work. My white blood count kept going up. Jan 9 I went to the hospital for contractions and got admit. My white blood count was through the roof at 190000. I got rushed to parkland hospital in Dallas Texas were my white blood count was now 198000, they told me I have leukemia at 30 weeks. They wanted to start chemo right away but didn’t want to risk the my son’s life. After a long week of debating,test, and trying to control my blood , we couldn’t wait any longer. After 18 hours I gave birth to Levi Michael Campbell at 7:45pm , weighing 3lbs 11oz on January 18. I started chemo two days later. We are both still in the hospital, I spend my days doing chemo and seeing my son in the nicu. I’m just trying to be a mommy and beat this cancer

  46. Angel says:

    It seems as though everyone here is gone since the last post by them was in 2008. People keep finding this page and post on it, as Jessica Duenes did on January 31, 2015, 9 months before she died, yet still no one responds. This is Crazy! It is so hard to connect with people who are ill. Everyone here has a fighting chance against ALL forms of illness if they will send an email to ‘help drive 7 at g mail dot com’ I can’t write it in proper format for you because I think they will just delete it anyway… probably still will. Though I hope not …. this suffering has to stop. All illness ESPECIALLY CANCER is fixable. email them, you won’t be sorry you did.

  47. Angel says:


    Since they didn’t delete that, I am posting again.

    PLEASE LIVE AND NOT DIE – send an email to – the other email address is rarely checked.

    This one will generate an immediate email back to you with the truth you need! I promise there is no game or scam. There is nothing to buy just LIFE saving information YOU NEED ASAP.

    Help Others

    Share the information with everyone you can, gather $1 from each person and then donate it to this email address on as a thank you. Provided the information is found irrefutable of course… which it is.

    Be Blessed!

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