Read the Blog!We are twenty mothers with cancer. Some of us have been in remission for years; others are newly diagnosed, battling a new recurrence, or living with chronic cancer. We write about diagnosis, chemotherapy, radiation, surgeries, metastasis, mothering through treatment, survivorship, side effects, and more. 

You are welcome here.  Whether you are a newly diagnosed survivor, a friend or family member, or are merely curious about the life of a cancer patient who must also be strong and care for little ones, you are welcome to read what we have written, to comment to support our survivors, and to ask questions — even if they are questions that you don’t know how to ask your own friend who is struggling with a cancer diagnosis.

Read the Blog!This site can be searched by timeline, diagnosis, treatment, side effects, or how a women actually feels as she tries to both parent her children and fight this disease we call cancer.  You can also read the stories of our writers, from their blogs or ours, and we encourage you to do so, and to encourage them on their journey.  If you’re new here, click the button at left (or add https://motherswithcancer.wordpress.com to your reader) to read the blog, or search using any of the categories below:


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Diagnosis, chemotherapy, radiation, surgeriesmothering through treatment, side effects, recovery or living with metastasis, survivorship

Search by type of cancer:

Breast cancer, colon cancer (Jen Ballantyne’s story), inflammatory breast cancer, her-2 positive breast cancer, ovarian cancer

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Arimidex/Aromasin, chemotherapy, radiation, mastectomy, reconstruction, oopherectomy, xeloda

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Chemo brain, chemopause, hair loss, ileostomy, little indignities, lymphedema, menopause

Are you wondering about the emotional impact?  Look here for posts that talk about:

Hope, Humor, Denial, Fear, Anger, Regret, Beauty, Joy and of course Attitude


You can also meet our authors through their introduction posts or click below to read our stories!

Susan @Whymommy Imstell Judy Mary Beth
Sprucehillfarm Laurie Jenster Trustmeitsnothing
Frances Barrie Clergygirl Lyn Throwslikeagirl74
Linsey Krolik Lahdeedah Wendy HarphamWendy Harpham Lorri Steerlorristeer
zannec princesshedgie scwrites

Each of our writers also writes her own personal blog, which you can always reach through our blogroll on the right side of this page.  Please leave comments on their posts, here and at their own blogs, to encourage our writers and survivors. 

Thank you, and welcome to Mothers With Cancer!

This page maintained in memory of our friends who have gone before us, including Andrea Collins, Jenni Ballantyne, Katie Homen, Lisa Kelly, Amanda “Pink,” and Sue Adema-Suitch. Each had young children, a blog, and a passion for using their words to speak out about life as a mother with cancer. We will always miss their words on this page; we will never stop speaking our truth.

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